Saturday, November 12, 2005

True Tales of GlumGlum was an amateur cartoon published from Spring 2003 to Summer 2005 in Bakersfield's underground monthly, The Blackboard, now called The Blackboard Free Press ( It originally started in response to the war in Iraq, but immediately turned to the slightly sensational, stupid, depressing stuff of life. Most of the stories were from Carla LaFong. The goal was to keep drawing cartoons until the war ended, but the war outlasted GlumGlum. To read from the beginning, scroll to the bottom of this blog and work your way up.

#23 - "D and D" - this was a disappointing way to end the series for me, but too many stories were about carla being drunk. also, i realized the war was not going to end any time soon. not to mention that i had an increasingly bad habit of postponing drawing the strip until the wee hours of the morning after working all day. the artwork was really starting to stink. i suppose a series called glumglum shouldn't end on a triumphant note, however, so to peter out short of my goal of 25 strips was appropriate.

#22 - "Where Did It All Go?"
#21 - "Lengua Lame-ola" - a story from carla
#20 - "Roxie the Riveting" - a story from greg goodsell

#19 - "Molokai'i and Me" - a story from carla
#18 - "Seconds and Inches" - another 4 am wonder. my hand wouldn't hold the pen still.

#17 - "Greatest Movie Moments"
#16 - "The Make of a Man" - another story from bomar
#15 - "Death Cab for Kitty"
#14 - "Priorities" - another story from carla, nearly impossibly to read from here
#13 - "Quack Quack" - this one won't load, so i'll save its spot for now - it's about someone dear to me

#12 - "The Miracle of Life"

#11 - "Sing Along with Glum Glum" - this was an ode to this place called bakersfield - an ignorant, stubborn, polluted place that will always let you down, but you stay with because it's cheap, familiar, and at times surprises you by being a real good time. bakersfield is like a bad relationship that drags on forever.

#10 - "Spring Blow-Out"

#9 - "Hollywood -- It Feels So Good" - a story from carla. unfortunately, i started drawing this around 3 am on deadline; the delirious fatigue shows.

#8 - "A Glum Glum New Year"

#7 - "Sanity Claws" - one year, i almost played santa, but too many guys i know have already done it, so no way.

#6 - "The Turkey and the Rim Job" - a great one from bomar

#5 - "Welcome to Mulg Mulg"

#4 - "The Worm" - this was a great story from donna in laverne, but you probably can't read it.

Friday, November 11, 2005

#3 - "Awl in the Fambly: A Cautionary Tale" - about a family in bakersfield everyone seems to know or have known

#2 - "The Pants" - after a few months, someone told me this story.
#1 - "Glum-Glum" - glumglum's only political work. it sucks, but the war had just started & it was this or the bottle.